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My Repeater is up and running in Brewton, Alabama. The frequency is 444.650 pos offset and no tone.
The repeater is up on my tower here in Brewton, AL.  It is currently on  Echolink. For more on Echolink please check out this page. .
Some of the area repeaters that can be hit are located in the the following towns; Montgomery, Mobile, Monroeville and Bay Minette. The repeater also can link into any other repeater in the world via the Echolink. I will be able to give out the codes to those who would like to use the echolink part of the repeater.  The repeater can also be used for local communications as well as distant communications. 
I am planning on adding a 24 hour weather alarm to the repeater. The weather alarm will only be active during Severe Thunder Storm Warnings, Tornado Warnings, and Hurricane Warnings. In the future the repeater will be powered by battery and a generator power during power outages.

The repeater is an UHF Icom Ic-FR4000. It was custom built by Icom to transmit in the Ham Band.


In this photo you see the 4 duplexers that will be added to the repeater. I went with UHF for it's size and cost. It's easier to get a UHF repeater up and running vs a VHF. One downside is it will have less range than a VHF Repeater.  

Well it is official. I now have a UHF Repeater pair to work with. The process took a while with the Alabama Repeater Council. They had to check with Florida to see if anyone in Florida had the pair because I live so close to Florida. It is a wonderfull feeling to say you have a part of the band spectrum that you can call your own. Only a small part. Two frequencies.  

Here is the photo of my UHF 440 Repeater antenna.