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My Shack has started small and has grown in size. The tower work is not complete yet. I will be adding a HF Beam to the top of the tower as well as a UHF 4 Bay DB Antenna.   
One helpfull file on how to build a tower came from here. (large file.)
Rohn 25 tower bolts came from  product # 734 and product # 723.
Power Poles for inside the shack came from  
House Bracket  ( 15 inch) and Thimbles ( 5/16th )  for Guy wires came from
Ham IV Rotor came from
Rotor Cable ( 75 feet, 8 wire R82 ) came from
LDG 4:1  Bauln for HF Wire came from

My Messy Shack. Now where was that frequency list at ???


My Rohn 25 Top Section.


My Rohn 25 base set in concrete with ten feet on top. Ready to go up with more.  


My Ham IV Rotator mounted in top section of the tower. Notice how I had to trim off some of the center pipe in order to get the rotator to fit. The Rotator is setting on a base plate that I purchased from Jeff Bookout KC4SME


My Hygain 2 meter, 14 element beam built and ready to go. The beam was purchased from Larry Fussell N4CBS. Larry you should have NEVER sold me that beam. Look at what that one sale has done. It sparked my Ham Hobby. 


Beam monted with top section ready to go up on the tower. A crane lifted the section with the beam up to the top of the tower. Notice the space left for a HF Beam to go below the 2 meter beam.


This is my tower  before the HF Beam goes to the top. It is a Rohn 25 tower. With a total of 6 guy wires.  I have a 2 Meter USB Halo Loop for 2 meter USB. I have a HyGain 14 element 2 Meter Beam for Fm on the top. I have a 2 meter loop antenna that I can use for 2 meter Fm and 2 Meter USB as well as 70 Cm Fm. I also have a Six Meter Dipole up the tower on a pully system. I also have a HF Long wire on a pully. I also have a Scantenna for my VHF and UHF Scanner.     


Here is a photo of the Hy-Gain EXP 14 HF Beam. It is a tribander with 10,15 and 20 meters. When you build the EXP14 check your measurments 3 to 4 times. Me and my father had to build it in the back yard because it was so large.


Here are 2 photos of my tower with the HyGain EXP 14 HF Tribander Antenna on the tower. You can also see my HyGain 14 element 2 meter antenna on top. You can also see my 2 meter horizontial loop antenna that I use for 2 meter USB work. Off to the side of the tower I have a small bow loop for 2 meter fm and uhf. I also have a  scanner antenna called scantenna mounted on the side.