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Favorite Links

Echolink What Is It ????
Echolink Nets
Ham Radio Audio LIVE and Recorded.
My Shack and Tower
My QSL Cards
My UHF Repeater
My VHF and UHF Repeater List.
Alabama Scanner Page
Florida Scanner Page
Short Wave DX and AM Radio DX
Ham Radio on the HF Bands
Favorite Links

Huge site for Ham many good topics.
6000 Links, 700 Topics and web 132 pages.
Good site. Coves a lot of topics for Hams.

Resisitor and Ohm Calculator. (Easy to use)
Repeater Directory
Fcc web Site Search Engine
How far is it from Brewton to another town in the world ?
Eham news about ham radio.(Check out the good Review section.)
Gigaparts (Register to win the free radio given out.)
Ham Radios for sale.
Ham Radios for sale.
Build your own from a kit or buy it complete.
MFJ (A poplular web site with Ham's.)
Ham radios for sale and tower parts and towers.
Ham Antennas for sale.
Ham Antennas for sale.
Ham Antennas for sale.
Putting up a new tower try this link. (It helped me.)(large file.)
Need a new tower. Rohn tower sold here.
Tower Electronics (Conectors and other items for Hams. Good prices)
Need a nicad battery that is no longer made try here.
VHF and UHF Propogation Maps
(The more red you see over you the beter)
VHF and UHF Propogation Maps
(The more red you see over you the beter)
DX Cluster
(See who is active in real time on the bands)
QRZ (good web site)
Digital Sounds on the air. What was that noise ?
D-Star (What is it and why now ?)
(Is this the future for repeaters ?)
ARRL Audio News (Audio news for hams by hams.)
Amateur Radio Newsline (Audio news for hams by hams.)
APRS (Transmit where you are on a map for others to see.)
Echolink (Talk all over the world to another Ham anytime you wish.)
(I have down loaded and use it.)
Similar to Echolink is called IRLP.
EQSL (Exchange QSL via web.) (Join today I have.)
The most colorfull QSL cards I have ever recieved have
Come from here. Cards by Elli.
A popular QSL Card Company
Another Popular QSL Card Company
Ham Logging programs (The one I use)
Free Ham Logging program called Ham Radio Deluxe
ARRL Alabama Section
Translate any language into English.
(Good for reading radio manuels.)
Radio manuels and mods for your radio.